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Stanford 45 - Cal 31
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Stanford 63 - Cal 13
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17:00 Wed 4 July 2012
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Sun, 6 Sep 2009
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Sat, 31 Dec 2005
California Alumni Club of NE Ohio
107th Chartered Club of the
University of California Alumni Association 

Cleveland, OH  USA

President, Bruce A. Jackim
Vice President, Mary Gerhart

Founded in 1993, CalNEO is made up of alumni of the University of California at Berkeley who are located in the NorthEast OHIO, in the area of Cleveland and its surrounding communities. 

For nearly twenty years we gathered annually for each year's Big Game, during the summer for a traditional wine tasting and crochet party, and at other times for special occasions.

The Board of CalNEO was instrumental in working with CAA to implement alumni services and support for more than ten years, with the philosophy that Alumni House was there to serve the MEMBERSHIP, and not the other way around.  As the result of this work, the alumni nationwide received the annual telecast of the BigGame, Alumni Scholarships were awarded in states outside California, and alumni have at least some little control to stop unwanted mailings and solicitations. 

With changes in technology, internet social media, and now open telecast of nearly all college sports activities, our need to come together to maintain alumni contacts and share activities has been sharply reduced. 

We are all California Golden Bears and to the best of our knowledge we are the largest body of alumni from any single organization in the world.  Together, we could change the world, if we chose. 

As an alumni organization of the University of California, we opposed the change in leadership and control of CAA taken in June 2005 by the former executive director and his friends.  With the time now passed, this opposition is moot.  For further information on this, please refer to information provided in link online.

It has been 13 years since the CAA coup that changed our alumni status.  Since then Cal lost the right to attend the Rose Bowl, CAA club support was terminated, even the Big Game became unimportant to schedule at a decent time, or even broadcast .  Our last Big Game Party was Saturday, 23-Nov-2013.  No one attended.

We founded CalNEO 28-Jan-1993.  I remember calling together local Cal Alumni in restaurants to organize, me being identified as the only "Berkeley type" in the room.   We have had many wonderful club events for the last twenty-five years, those since 2005 as posted on our website.

However, society has changed.  Even families don't speak, they "text" each other while in the same room.

CalNEO assets include the California banner, signs, club records, a case of CalNEO mugs, and some misc old CAL buttons, napkins and balloons.  CalNEO bank accounts were closed 13-Oct-2005.  I have supported all CalNEO expenses since then from personal resources.  These have not been too expensive.

At this time, I request someone to take over CalNEO, or your permission to disband.  I will support the CalNEO.org website either way until November 2019 when this server hosting expires.

Your response is requested.

CalNEO has been open to all alumni, employees, associates and friends of the University of California.  We even welcome Stanford friends and associates to join us as they wish to celebrate our common backgrounds.

Contact me with any questions or to assume operations of CalNEO.

Best Regards,
Bruce A. Jackim, President
Cleveland, OH USA

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